See You at Six - Ribbing - Tourmaline Blue


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See You At Six is a Belgian company specializing in uniquely designed organic fabric. Ribbing is a knit with small ribs that create a structured and stretchy elastic texture and is great for finishing the cuffs, neckbands and hem bands on sweatshirts. 

Their summer 2021 collecction recalls strolling in the warm sun. The sea breeze on our skin and cooling off under the green foliage. Wonder about unknown and exotic fauna and flora. The spicy scent of local delicacies and fresh strong coffee on a balcony. Ripe fruits, filled with refreshing juice, hanging heavy and ruddy in the languid afternoon sun.

Time is slowly ticking by. Sporty evenings in the glow of a setting sun to convert the languor of the day into energy. The twittering sound of colorful birds dancing on the cool airflow of a new morning.

Exotic and romantic prints, not too serious, interspersed with graphic and playful patterns in a color palette that fits seamlessly with previous collections so that it can be optimally combined with previous prints and colours.

Are you looking for matching thread? Try Gutermann Sew-All Baby Blue #206.

Expect 5-10% shrinkage 

95% cotton / 5% spandex / 44" wide

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