Moda - Zen Chic - Linen - Chill Mochi - Charcoal


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Winter brings its very own magical beauty and wonder. Like those frosty, cold days when you look out over the tranquility of fields of snow against a dusty blue sky, or the deep blue of the early morning air against a shimmering expanse of silvery snow. Chill’s color palette of warm blue, dark blue and silver gray is offset with warm wood tones of tan and brown. The fabrics are accented with sparkles of delightful metallic gold. These cotton linen blends, which we often refer to as lightweight canvas, are great for use in home decor, bag making and structured apparel like a pair of pants such as the Lander or a jacket like the Ottoline.

70% cotton / 30% linen / 44/45" wide

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