M & S Textiles - Aboriginal - Alpara Seed - Purple


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Designed by Rosie Bird for M & S Textiles, is the second daughter of Lindsay Bird Mpetyane and Mavis Bird Petyarre. Lindsay is senior leader of Ilkawerne country, teacher of the Dreamtime stories and well known Utopia artist. Rosie has been painting since 1989, learning from her father, aunts and uncles. She lives amongst a large community of painters. 

Alpara Seed purple Australian Aboriginal fabric is an intricate design depicting the alpara (rat-tail plant) seeds in deep shades of purple.

The Australian Aboriginal fabric is printed on 100 % soft hand cotton that is 42" wide. The repeat is 8" vertically (running along the selvedge) by 8" horizontally (going across from selvedge to selvedge). It is ideally suited for quilting, garments, home decor and other fabric crafts. 

100% cotton / 42" wide / Quilting Cotton

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