M Creative J - Needle Minder - Indigo


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Never lose your needle again! These fabric covered magnetic needle minders are the perfect way to hold your needle in place while crafting. Each needle minder has one magnet on the front and one on the back to hold your needle safe.

These adorable magnetic embroidery accessories are covered with cute fabric remnants. Each needle minder is handmade with 100% cotton fabric, strong magnets, and are securely attached with a heavy-duty adhesive to ensure durability. Due to the variations in the hand dyed indigo fabric, each needleminder is one of a kind and may vary slightly from the examples shown.

Each needle minder measures approximately 1 1/8".

Each piece of the needle minder has a magnet attached to the back. Use these magnetic pieces to sandwich around your project fabric while working or when you set your project aside. The magnets in each needle minder hold your needle until the next time you pick it up.

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