Leather Sewing: 8 New Projects for Leather Crafters of All Levels - Carsten Bothe


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For leather crafters of any level from beginner to advanced. Leatherworking is a craft that is becoming more popular and is a hobby that you can get started without making any big expenditure or investment. Besides, it is fun! You can make unique, durable, and sustainable leather products in your kitchen. In a follow-up to his previous book, Practical Leatherwork, hunter and professional outdoorsman Carsten Bothe guides readers with richly illustrated step-by-step instructions through sewing techniques, preparing and manipulating the leather, and eight beginner, intermediate, and advanced leatherworking projects, including a leather barbecue apron, dice cup, book cover, canteen, and more. Readers will learn techniques like the saddle stitch and baseball stitch and how to sew chamois leather, as well as the tools needed for tooling, dyeing, wet molding, & sewing. Then they can take the skills they've mastered and create their own stunning sewn leather crafts!

Carsten Bothe | 112pp | Hardcover

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