Jacquard - iDye - Color Remover


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Easy-to-use soluble packet for use with all kinds of fabrics. iDye Color Remover lightens or removes a color and brightens whites. Does not contain bleach.

Note: Some fabrics may lighten to different color. Some dyes will be unaffected by color removers. Utensils and pot used for color remover should not be used for food.

1. Fill a stainless steel, aluminum, or enamel pot with just enough water for the fabric to move freely. Turn on medium to high heat.
2. Add the iDye Color Remover soluble packet to water and stir.
3. Add garments and raise temperature.

For cotton and silk: bring temperature to just below a simmer.
For polyester: bring to just a rolling boil.
4. Maintain temperature and stir frequently for 10 to 20 minutes or until color has left as desired.
5. Wash the garment with a mild detergent and dry.

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