How to Embroider Texture and Pattern - Melissa Galbrath


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How to Embroider Texture and Pattern: 20 Designs that Celebrate Pattern, Color, and Pop-Up Stitching  

Step-by-Step Instructions, Illustrated Stitch Guide, Easy-to-Follow Tutorials, and More.

Learn how to embroider stunning textures, patterns, colors, and 3D elements! Inspiring embroidery guide for beginner to advanced crafters to learn how to capture the beauty of nature in your embroidery projects. 20 step-by-step hoop projects start simple, then progress in difficulty, each inspired by a beautiful natural landscape. Helpful overviews on materials, supplies, fundamental embroidery techniques, transferring patterns, and finishing your embroidery in the hoop. Illustrated stitch guide with 33 stitches sewists need to know that will help you create texture. Skill-building approach enables stitchers to improve and grow their repertoire.