Free Spirit - Kaffe Fasset - BioGeo - Swimmingly - Multi


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"We are energy (electrically charged molecules in motion) experienced as vibration— synapses sparking, multitudes of moving microbes. I think this is what I am drawing, freehand, no instruments or sketches, just a pen to draw out the moving patterns I sense flowing in and through me of which I am made. The biomorphic forms I draw are intuitive embodiments of energy, which I can’t see until I give them geometric form through which their visceral rhythm becomes visible. BioGeo is the visualized vibration in color and black and white, of the rhythms of life, brought into in form through pattern, line, and color. I am constantly inspired by the organic geometries encompassing and infusing me, the teeming human energies and vibrant rhythms of the rich diversity of New York City which is my home." Adrienne Leban for Freespirit Fabrics.

100% Cotton / 44/45" Wide / Quilting Cotton / 4.45 oz per square yard / approx. 24" repeat

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