Delilah Iris Designs - Felt Frog Sewing Kit


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Delilah Iris Designs - Felt Frog Sewing Kit
Delilah Iris Designs - Felt Frog Sewing Kit

This Lilypad and mushroom frog sewing kit is the perfect way to hop right into a fun spring inspired craft project! Create woodland inspired frogs while exploring the art of hand stitching with wool felt.

This is a fantastic foray into learning to make your own stuffed animals! The DIY kit includes pre-cut wool felt to make your own felt frogs with all sewing notions, doll eyes, and toy stuffing included.

What’s in the box?

  • pre-cut felt for two felt frogs with hats
  • doll eyes
  • needle and thread
  • chenille wire
  • toy stuffing

Other supplies not included: sewing or embroidery scissors, stuffing tool/chopstick. sewing pins, dollmaking needle (optional tool)


The Felt FROG Sewing Kit by DelilahIris Designs is a fun and relaxing 2-3 hour long slow stitching project. The finished frogs stand approximately 3″ tall with adorable woodland mushroom and lily pad hats.

The stuffed frogs you sew with this kit are made from the highest quality merino wool felt blend. The digital photo tutorial includes step by step instructions to create a hand stitched and embroidered heirloom quality handmade set of toys. A beautiful keepsake! The stuffed frogs and kit both make for fantastic gifts!

Sewing skill level:

This is a beginner/intermediate kit. The felt sewing kit is perfect for beginner adult sewers or experienced children. I always recommend a parent nearby for any children diving in to learn with these kits. Small children should not sew with these kits as there are functional sharp needles and small pieces such as doll eyes, buttons, and very small pieces of felt.

Sewing time:
As a beginner, 2-4 hours to hand sew these frogs. This is approximate, as the time it take to complete a project can vary depending on skill.

What can I do with the finished felt frogs?

The toys you make with the frog sewing kit make wonderful keepsakes and decoration! Because of the somewhat delicate stitching, I do not recommend gifting the toy to small children. Although older children may very much enjoy this toy! The frogs will make for a perfect handmade gift to decorate any home or kick knack shelf!

Delilah Iris Designs - Felt Frog Sewing Kit
Delilah Iris Designs - Felt Frog Sewing Kit

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