Bead Embroidery: Chinese-Style Flower Jewelry by Yu Han and Yuxi Wang


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This book unites Chinese and Western embroidery techniques to create gorgeous practical beadwork jewelry with floral elements that are rich in Chinese culture. The projects range from simple to difficult, giving you a basic yet comprehensive grasp of bead embroidery, and teaching you how to create nearly twenty pieces of unique bead embroidery jewelry to embellish your daily outfits.


With this book, you will:
-Master the use of bead embroidery tools, understand the characteristics of different bead embroidery materials, and get started easily.
-Acquire rich hand sewing and hook needle techniques, including more than 20 techniques to lay a solid foundation for making beaded jewelry.
-Learn to embroider nearly 20 different kinds of flowers using a combination of bead embroidery techniques through illustrated tutorials, and make jewelry that incorporates Chinese aesthetics, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, hairbands, and clutch bags, bringing the art of bead embroidery into your daily life.
-Experience the beauty of beaded flowers from a Chinese aesthetic perspective, to broaden your creativity and inspire you.

Publisher: Shanghai Press

Publishing Date: November 25, 2022

Binding: Paperback