Artisan Ropework - 15 3-D Stitched Rope Craft Projects - Jessica Geach


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Artisan ropework—coiling, spiraling, and stitching cotton rope—is an exciting and relatively unexplored technique for creating baskets, vessels, wall hangings, bowls, and much more. This book is an excellent resource whether you are starting out on your stitched-ropework journey, looking for new inspiration, or seeking to explore new techniques. Stitched ropework is a creative, fun craft that is accessible to all skill levels. In this book, enjoy 15 projects for making bowls, jewelry holders, beach bags, and more—starting with beginner projects and moving through progressively advanced designs. You'll also find information on how to vary the designs and find your own style within this satisfying craft. All the projects have been designed by Jessica Geach, a well-known textile artist.

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