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No more taping pages and pages of your PDF patterns together! We can print your PDF patterns for local pick-up or ship them anywhere in the US.

No further discounts on this item. We do not print specific sizes. We do not print instructions or patterns in Letter, Print at Home or A4 format, only A0 or Copyshop files. We print Monday-Friday and your pattern will be ready to ship or pick up in 1 to 4 days. 

See instructions below to upload your pattern! We can print all PDF pattern copy shop formats including AO sizes and longer. The price listed is per page and not per pattern (we regard a page as 36"x48" but the actual size of the print will be dictated by the PDF). Our prints are in black and white unless the pattern designer has included color in the original PDF. Patterns will be folded but we can roll patterns for local pick-up upon request. 

Instructions for uploading and ordering:

First select "choose file". You will find your PDF pattern in your downloads folder. Please select the Copy Shop version of your PDF pattern to upload (do not upload the print at home version). Once you have uploaded the PDF to our store you will then need to select the number of pages that you will need printed (there is advice on determining how many pages your pattern needs below). If you would like more than one copy of your pattern simply multiply the number of pages by the number of copies you would like printed and include a note at checkout to inform us that you would like multiple copies of the same pattern. Once you have uploaded the pattern to our store, and selected the number of pages, you can add the PDF to your cart. You can then add another pattern to print if you like, continue shopping at Bolt, or go to checkout. If you would like to have multiple patterns printed in one order you will need to upload them and add them to the cart one at a time. Please use an email that you check frequently at checkout so that we can contact you if there are issues.

Having trouble? We're happy to help! You can contact us here

How many pages is this thing? PDF patterns vary by designer. Most pdf patterns are A0 format and you can open the pattern on your device, before uploading it here, and easily see how many pages it is. Some patterns will be continuous meaning that the whole pattern appears on a single, long page. We print off of a roll so this will not be an issue (your printed pattern will be 36" wide and however long it needs to be) but we do regard a page as 48" in length so you will still need to add additional pages to your cart. The length of the pattern should appear either in the title, somewhere on the pattern, or the pattern designer may have included an additional page in your download with printing details. We will regard a pattern that is 48" or less in length to be one page, 49"-96" as two pages, 97"-144" as three pages, 145"-192" as four pages, "193"-240" as five pages, and so on. If you add a continuous copy shop pattern to your cart as one page we will contact you to let you know how many additional pages you need to pay for. 

We have a post in our blog with a video showing the whole process for figuring our how many pages to add and uploading your pattern here

Pattern Storage Envelopes available here. These are perfect for storing your cut or traced pattern pieces!