Omnigrid Ruler - Omnigrip - 2.5"x12.5"


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Cut your quilting fabrics with accuracy using the Omnigrip Non-Slip Quilter's Ruler 2.5'' x 12.5''. The non-slip quilter's ruler features unique double-site lines. This laser-cut ruler is made of heavy-duty acrylic and also has a right and left angle and numbering system; 30, 45 and 60 degree angle markings and an additional 0.5-inch for seam allowances. It is ideal for cutting short strips while quilting.

  • Brand: Omnigrid
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Content: Acrylic
  • Laser cut to within.002 inch accuracy
  • Uniquely patented double-site lines
  • Right and left hand numbering and angle system
  • Extra 0.5 inch for seam allowances
  • 30, 45 & 60 degree angle markings
  • Made in USA

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